Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Musical Sniper aka Rappa Robert - Tables Turning EP : on iTunes Dec 12

Rootstime Production presents this highly anticipated EP from Musical Sniper (aka Rappa Robert) titled “Tables Turning”: Featuring all New Music; Including the chart topping single: “Gone”; the title track: “Tables Turning”; a conscious dancehall single: “For The Youths”; and “God First”: Plus a special bonus track: “Believe”. It is his love of DJing that honed the rhythmic vocal precision heard in these new songs, along with years of experience and influence from singers like Freddie McGregor and Stevie Wonder; that are paramount to the quality of lyrics and smooth singing voice heard in Musical Sniper’s new music. His voice has been compared to the great Jimmy Cliff; also Maxi Priest, and singer Tabby of The Mighty Diamonds. This EP is a package of rich cultural music that reflects the times we are living in, and gives hopeful solutions for the future. The title track: “Tables Turning” takes into account people’s uprising against dictators and corrupt leaders all over the world; And “For the Youths”, an anthem for children of poverty, features african style tenor guitar lines and reggae rooted drum and bass. The hit single “Gone” calls out the trend of using other people’s suffering for one’s personal financial gain. “God First” is a reggae gospel song combining conscious lyrics, a driving drum and bass groove, and call and response harmonies. A special added bonus track; “Believe” has an up-lifting message that we can overcome the toughest challenges by remaining positive and steadfast on our purpose and goals in life. Musical Sniper alongside Rootstime Production, represent a uniquely seasoned sound perfected through time; invested in quality of production and craft; standing predominant in the ‘generic’ and ‘cookie-cutter’ production so common today. Musical Sniper - “Tables Turning” EP is a must have for your music collection.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Top 10 Reggae Singles in Jamaica: Rappa Robert aka Musical Sniper - "Gone"

Musical Sniper aka Rappa Robert hit reggae single "Gone", on RootsTime Production's iDrop Riddim, is holding fast at #5 in the Jamaican Top 25 Weekly Reggae Charts; And steadily climbing the National Charts, recently at #17. This conscious reggae tune speaks to the use and abuse from one person to another, like crabs in a barrel, on their quest for selfish gain and desire for recognition. In a time when bad minded people, politicians, CEOs, and gangsters are glorified in the media; and hurting other people and their families for financial gain and notoriety has almost become a trend; the people's need for a song like "Gone" is self evident. This tune has become an anthem for those afflicted, as well as those aware of this type of affliction of our fellow human beings occurring on a daily basis in many places around the world. The song has been requested over and over on the radio in reaction to such travesties: Recently requested live on radio after a woman in a wheel-chair was robbed at gunpoint, having her chair and belongings stolen by the thief.
Years of perfecting his craft as a DJ and vocalist radiate throughout Musical Sniper's (Rappa Robert) new music. This is what gives his songs, lyrics, and vocal delivery, that unique quality and character that many different people identify with; and can only come from such time invested in quality and perfection of one's art. No stranger to the music industry, Rappa Robert (aka Musical Sniper) was an award winner in many talent contests as a youth, and spent 4 years in the Colgate Childrens Club from the age of 9, where he was a stand out developing his talents as a lead singer in the choir. Rappa is shown hear performing his original song live on the radio at his graduation from the Colgate Childrens Club on RJR Jamaica.One thing is for sure: In the cookie cutter / one-hit-wonder / fast-paced industry so common today; where corporations and criminals use the music industry to "wash" and get rid of excess money; Musical Sniper is a rare gem of an artist that remains true and steadfast to perfecting his craft as a vocalist and artist. Free and unmoved by trends and challenges around him, Musical Sniper is blazing his own path creating music reminiscent of reggae greats Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff: Music that all people can identify with; Music that remains timeless and will continue to stand the test of time. Look for Musical Sniper aka Rappa Robert new music EP "Tables Turning" coming very soon on the RootsTime Production label.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Rootstime Production New Website is Up!

Taking time to get this new Rootstime Production website set right. Visit the site to access Rootstime news and updates regarding new releases and production status for up-coming releases featuring the best in reggae music and new music ventures. Also check the Rootstime store for high-quality t-shirt designs available only at Rootstime production web-store. Upgrade is still in progress so keep checking as things get dialed in. Help spread the word and become an active participant in the Rootstime revolution and musical mission.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Wise Man (Dub Keeper) [feat. the L81Z] - Rootstime dub mix

This is a dub mix from the iDrop Riddim mix sessions for the L81Z - "Brothers Keeper" track. Produced and Mixed by Jason "Jahson" Murphey for Rootstime production.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Rootstime prod. on; & music updates

Rootstime Production is now linked in with; fyi: one has to join to network on their site. Big respect goes out to Carlos Culture; for the design of the Rootstime Production logo. This is the logo that will be featured on all works coming from the Rootstime production label. On that note, all tracks have been mixed and mastered for the upcoming compilation album: Rootstime Riddim (aka iDrop Riddim): Various Reggae Artists; and the hand-drawn artwork for the album cover came out beautiful. Currently the art is with our graphic artist who is adding the album credits to the custom cover art. Some big links are in progress for distribution in hopes of reaching as broad an audience worldwide as possible. All the hard work and collaborative effort on this album will soon be available to music lovers around the world. The live reception from artists that have already performed their tunes off the album at concerts has been likened to "medicine" for the musicians and vibes from the crowd response....Jah bless brother Ishmel Mcanuff for carrying his tune off the project all the way to Europe, where he witnessed a tremendous response from large festival crowds in France, Switzerland, and Germany, when his band performed his song, "Time a get Tough" live for the festival crowds in attendance. Give thanks for the love and support worldwide. Soon come with the full album release....In the good time, keep the love strong! Rootstime is now.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Rootstime Production 2012: RoxiRock debut single "Samething" now on iTunes

“Samething,” the debut 2012 single from the duo RoxiRock, rooted in reggae, combines a mix of soulful vocals, percussive drum and bass, keyboard, and rhythmic guitar lines. This original song is about the challenges young people face today, conveyed through "breezy" melodies and a driving rhythm section.

RoxiRock; Rakisha and Raquel Wilson, born and raised in Jamaica; grew up in a musical environment singing background vocals in the studio from an early age with their dad Rappa Robert (aka Musical Sniper). Many influences played a part in their love of all genre of music. Being constantly around musicians and artists, and the sound systems on the streets of Jamaica playing; Dennis Brown, Marcia Griffiths, and Beres Hammond; are some of their earliest musical memories still influencing them today.

"When we were younger we would hear more roots and culture music, and we never heard a lot of explict music like today; So our influences come from those roots reggae tunes and musical versions that actually had meaning to everyday people's lives and the things affecting them a that time." RoxiRock says.

"Samething" premiers RoxiRock's smooth vocals and contemporary lyrical content, and is an example that young artists can spread a conscious message while still maintaining a progressive and refreshing sound. Produced by Jason "Jahson" Murphey and Robert "Musical Sniper" Wilson for Rootstime Production llc (2012).